by dbrowe

I love podcasts. I work while listening to podcasts. I shower while listening to podcasts. Sometimes I even fall asleep listening to podcasts. And since so much of my time is spent listening, I need a good supply of solid content. Here are a few of my go ‘casts:

This American Life: Hosted by Ira Glass
What’s not to love about this one? Brilliant looks at a variety of interesting stories and ideas. The production is excellent, and I’ve been moved emotionally in a way that radio has never affected me before.

99% Invisible: Hosted by Roman Mars
Talking about graphic design in an audio podcast. Makes perfect sense, right? Definitely a niche podcast, but it’s a good one, nonetheless. Recent opics have included currency, beer, and architecture.

Here’s the Thing: Hosted by Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin and I may not agree on much, but we can agree on the fact that he’s a great host. The show features entertainers, actors, and comedians just chatting it up as Baldwin asks some great questions.

On the Grid: Hosted by Matt McInerney, Dan Auer, Andy Mangold
Similar to 99% Invisible, this show features talk about design and design culture. But the format is three friends located across the country who meet online to chat, and we get to listen.

Hardcore History: Hosted by Dan Carlin
History with a twist. One of the more recent shows – and hour and a half about Genghis Khan – had me mesmerized. New episodes don’t come very often, but they’re worth is when they do.

The Vergecast: Hosted by Josh Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
I listen to this every weekend as I mow the yard. It’s mindless tech news but helps satisfy my desire to own every new gadget and tech toy. The ins-and-outs of tech culture are fun to learn from the guys

The B.S. Report: Hosted by Bill Simmons
Gotta throw a sports one in here. Bill Simmons likes a lot of teams I can’t stand (you hearing my, Boston?) and talks about some sports I don’t care much about (basketball), but he’s a great host with good guests.

BBC Global News: Various Hosts
Gotta stay up to date. And getting my news from someone with a British accent makes me feel so much more cultured and snobby. The frequency of update is a great plus but can be sometimes overwhelming.

(The idea for this post came from @barnabaspiper.)