Weekly Web Gems

by dbrowe

Anne Hathaway Raps – Sweet Anne Hathaway has a few things to say to the paparazzi who’ve been following her around looking for “Dark Knight” info. And she decides to do it in the elegant style of Lil’ Wayne. Awesome. (via @Mashable)

Bus Guy Belts ‘California Gurls’8am on a crowded bus and this guy decides to perform Katy Perry’s hit for everyone around him as they’re still wiping sleep out of their eyes. I can’t decide what’s worse — the awesomely bad singing or the discman. (via @HuffingtonPost)

What is Popularity? – This article explores the popularity of everything from Jersey Shore to Five Guys Burgers. Check it out for more useless facts than you can shake a stick at. Seriously… you might spend a lot of time here. (via @BusinessWeek)

10 Custom Motorcycle Helmets – How cool are these? I think I like the bald head and the cracked walnut the best. Which one would you wear? (via @Andrew Kelsall)

Kicked Out for Tweeting – Check out this story. A woman in a Houston area restaurant was recently kicked out for tweeting her disgust about the establishment’s staff. Fair or not? What say ye? (via @Unmarketing)