Create Like the Creator

by dbrowe

Everyone knows how the Bible begins — “In the beginning, God created…” And we know how the story starts to wrap up as John sees the new earth, and Jesus declares, “Behold, I make all things new.”

Our God is a creator, and we have been made in his image. So, we are creators by our very nature.

In Genesis 2:15, Adam is placed in the Garden of Eden with the instruction “to work and to keep it.” Even after the Fall, Adam keeps working and keeping, though the labor is now much harder.

Being a man, I feel this desire to create — to work hard at crafting something bigger than me and keeping it excellent as a way to glorify the God who made me.

At the same time, I’m tempted to complain that God hasn’t placed me in a perfect situation where I can create, work, and keep with complete freedom. But an ideal environment hasn’t existed since the Garden of Eden, so who am I to think I deserve one?

I know two things: God is for us and has given us time on earth to honor Him. So I’m committing to hustle and go hard after creating good things for God’s glory and my joy. They may be small things like what is written here or bigger things as God sees fit to trust me with them.

I want to image the Creator by creating. I want to use what He has given me to give back to Him and to others.

Who’s with me?