Two Apps I’m Loving

by dbrowe

Occasionally, I’d like to share a few apps that make my life easier in hopes that they’ll do the same for you. Today, there are two of those.

PowerInbox (@powerinbox)

First up is PowerInbox, a browser extension that makes your social media accounts more accessible by allowing you to perform actions from right inside your inbox. You can use those notification emails from Facebook about the new picture you were tagged in the post directly onto the same photo without ever leaving your inbox. Groupon emails show a live countdown of time left until the offer expires. And my favorite — Twitter — lets you @ reply, follow back, and direct message all without leaving your email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook)! Here’s a screenshot of what Twitter looks like. Note the PowerInbox functions that are placed to the left of the standard Twitter email.

It’s very quick and stable. Netflix, eBay, and support for more apps are coming up next. Currently, PowerInbox supports Chrome, Firefox, and Rockmelt, but other browsers are on the way in the near future. Download it now.

KAYAK Explore (@kayak)

Already known for their powerful ability to compare hundreds of travel sites at once to make planning your next vacation easier, KAYAK just stepped it up a notch by launching a very slick app for Mac. Now, planning a dream vacation that fits your budget is easier than ever. Most of the features are available from their website for non-Mac users, but the interface and design of the app is simply elegant.

You are greeted by a world map and some randomly selected destinations that include a summary of the cost after both flight and hotel are combined.

You can filter these results by using the options at the bottom to select your departure city, desired destination, price range, travel dates, and more.

After selecting a particular city, you are taken to a one page summary of that proposed vacation where you can book either the flight, the hotel, or both.

It really couldn’t be easier or more fun. I know how my wife and I will be planning our next vacation. Download it now: KAYAK Explore - The fun way to dream up your next vacation -

Give these apps a spin and let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, are there any other applications you’re using to make life a little easier?